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We had an opportunity to sit down with the owner, Kate, and ask her all about Amari and her favorite aspects of the prom business. Keep reading to learn insider tips and tricks to choosing your dream dress.

  • Describe a timeline of the Amari journey from 2002 to now

Our first location was in Franklin, MA. We then were in Medway, two different locations in Burlington, and now we’re in Littleton. It’s been a long and wonderful journey, and each store had its own charm that made them feel different from the others. But I love our Littleton location.  It’s quaint, which is a big part of its appeal; it’s not some chaotic prom superstore that you have no way of navigating. 

  • Why did you decide on Littleton? 

The convenience off of 495 helps us draw in customers from all the surrounding towns. While I’m used to the Burlington/Billerica crowd after being in Burlington for so long, now that we’re in Littleton we reach so many more people. We even get people from other states because there just aren’t that many prom dress shops up north. Just last season, we had girls come in from Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island! It’s so rewarding to be so accessible for all of these people.

  • Favorite part of the prom business or prom season? 

I love selecting the dresses during the buying process. It’s fun to see which dresses everyone picks.  Are the “best-sellers” that the sales reps recommend actually going to be best-sellers by the end of the season? We’ll have to find out. And of course it’s so rewarding to help someone find their dream dress. That’s the whole reason I’m in the business in the first place. Seeing who buys which dress is so fun, especially when you’ve been working with them for their whole appointment. 

  • Do you have a favorite brand/color/style at the moment? 

La Femme is my favorite this season. Their designs went above and beyond, they’re always two steps ahead of everyone else. We probably sold the most La Femme this season. 

  • If there was one piece of advice you could give to girls when shopping for their prom dress, what would it be? 

Have confidence in your choice and try and not let social media influence your dress choice. It’s your day, your style!


Can't find what you're looking for? Have questions about a particular designer or dress? Please contact us. Our staff is excited to help you get ready for your big event!  

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