Which Prom Dress You Should Buy According to Your Zodiac Sign

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While Amari Prom may not be able to decipher your entire birth chart from start to finish (though we have associates who would certainly try if asked) we can at least try to give you an idea of what each zodiac sign would feel best stepping out in for prom. 

The Fire Signs


Starting off with Aries since it’s the first sign of the zodiac, arians are passionate, fiery, and domineering. They’re also ruled by the planet Mars. Because of this, colors like red and black (which are popular this prom season) are ideal, as is a dress that is eye-catching and unlike anything else you’ll see at the prom.


PS21208 is the perfect example of an Aries dress. It has a strapless, pointed neckline, slight boning in the bodice to keep it upright and glam, and a breathtaking mermaid dress with a Hollywood level train. The deep red color only reinforces the Hollywood glam needed to satisfy an Aries' need to impress. 


Clarisse 810525 is also a fantastic option for our Aries babes. We have both a red and black version at Amari Prom! But if you're looking for somehting a little more refined than the Portia and Scarlett, this dress is for you. It's fully made of a satin material, with a corset top, a leg slit, and ruching in the hips. For a little dose of sparkle, it also comes with straps that are adorned with silver beading, which you can wear upright or off the shoulder. 


The first thing I think of when I think of Sagittarians is the color purple, so I'm going to have to suggest at least one purple dress for them. Sagittarians are some of the most adventurous, honest, and hilarious people out there, so they deserve a dress that showcases all that they are and more. 


Ellie Wilde EW34075 is a perfect option for Sagittarians; it's like a constellation if it were a dress. It has a stretchy navy base with all-over glitter. It also comes with an open strappy back. Its biggest points of interest are its full beading on the sides of the bodice that look like side cutouts, and the same beading on the back of the skirt that trails down from the back to the bottom. It finishes of with a delicate v-neckline and mesh detailing. 


Clarisse 810568 is another perfect choice. It has all-over sequins, a strappy lace-up back, a one shoulder neckline, and the real kicker is the feather details on the neckline and leg slit. This dress is flashy, feminine, and adventurous; and it screams Sagittarius. 


Leos always try their best to be the best-looking in the room...and it usually works. So prom is no exception. Their go-to is probably something flashy, over the top, and ultimately, different from everyone else, but still on trend. 


La Femme 31291 is a flashy option for Leos that is so stretchy it literally molds to your body. It gives a beautiful curvy mermaid shape, and also features the ever-trendy lace-up back, full sequins, and glamorous horsehair trim. What I also really love about this dress is the neckline; while it may look like your typical v-neck, the cups are more than just your flimsy piece of fabric. They provide actual support and give a pretty and flattering shape that is just not achievable with most dresses. 


For a Leo who wants something a little more feminine or wispy, Ellie Wilde EW34007 is a great choice. It has a delicate off the shoulder neckline, with a tight fit through the hips that flares out into a pretty mermaid shape. It features a semi-transparent corset top, an open back, and all-over floral embroidery as well. 

The Earth Signs


Capricorns are known for their hardworking and orderly natures, so it's only natural that they wear a dress with such an organized pattern. Amari 100 is a fully beaded dress with geometric-style beading all over. It comes in a variety of colors, making Capricorns sure to stun everyone on their prom night. 


Capricorns also scream rich and luxurious. For that reason, I think Colette CL2021 is another ideal dress for Capricorns. The all-over glitter, incredible train, and daring open back gives off a "you can't touch this vibe," and the beaded belt and fitted shape make for a refined and mature look, which is exactly what a capricorn needs. 



Virgo has lots of connections to purity and femininity, and also a heavy connection to the Goddess Demeter, who is the goddess of wheat and the harvest. For this reason, I often think of flowers when I think of Virgos, which makes Faviana a great brand for Virgos to explore, as they do floral exceptionally well. Faviana S10633 is one of the prettiest choices we have from Faviana. It features a v-neckline, open strappy back, and all-over floral embroidery making for a very feminine and wispy look. A perfect ode to Demeter. 


Clarisse 8021 is another great choice, especially in the green. This dress has a looser silhouette, with a skirt that falls effortlessly off the hips, and features a leg slit. It also has a delicate lace-up back, turning this dress into quite the cottage core fairytale dream. My favorite part of this dress is the bodice; it's a semi-transparent corset-like top with floral embroidery and slight iridescent beading. It has a v-neckline with mesh detailing as well. 



Our Taurus friends are known for being warm, indulgent, and very down to earth. Clarisse 810180 is a great choice for a Taurus because it's made from a very comfortable stretch-jersey material. It's easy to wear, but also on-trend due to its straight neckline, high leg slit, and lace-up back. Its simple elegance is perfect for a Taurus. 


Colette CL2074 is another Taurus-like dress. Its floral embroidery brings us back to Taurus's earthy roots, while the lace-up back, semi-transparent corset top, and tulle skirt keep us rocking the trends. 

Air Signs



Geminis are the most sociable of the zodiac, so what better way to help them out than by giving them a prom dress for a conversation starter? Primavera 3958 certainly does that job for them. Its firework-like beading pattern is different, and the dress's overall flattering shape with its v-neckline, straight fit, and lace-up back make for a feminine and sensual look that's sure to get people talking. 


Geminis are also known for being very good multi-taskers. For this reason, I think Faviana S10639's texture contrast makes it a good option for a Gemini. The bodice is entirely floral embroidery with slight beading, while the fitted skirt is made from a simply pretty stretch-jersey material, making the dress versatile just like Gemini. 



Aquarians are known for being one of the most creative signs of the zodiac. Clarisse 810425 is one of the most visually interesting and inventive dresses I've seen this season, making it Aquarius's perfect match. It has a flattering v-neck that looks like a halter top from the front, but actually has a lace-up back that separates the straps into two. And while we're on the subject of the back, this dress has a creative double-strap that I haven't seen on any other dress. She skirt cascades down into a mermaid-like shape with a leg slit and side cutouts, and the whole dress is covered with full glitter and a waxy patterned base. 


Jovani 60283 is another inventive dress that has nothing quite like it on the market. While it has Jovani's signature shape of a deep v-neck, open back, and fitted skirt, it features almost tropical floral embroidery throughout, and its skirt is semi-transparent through the legs. It's bold, and makes quite the creative debut on any prom red carpet. 



Social, harmonious, and a fast friend, Libra needs a dress that's well-balanced and trendy. Colors K108 is a gorgeous fully beaded dress with symmetric lines that create a well-balanced overall look. It has flattering lines in the bodice and hips, and floral beading everywhere else. It also features a semi-open back. 


Faviana S10815 is another great option for a Libra who wants something a little more minimalistic. Made from a smooth jersey material, this dress has a clip back, deep v-neck, and floral embroidery on the bodice that brings the balance. The embroidery also spreads its way down the back of the skirt and train. 

Water Signs



Sensitive, intuitive, and dreamy, Pisces needs a prom dress straight out of a fairytale. Jovani 06474 is the perfect choice for that. It has a corset top embroidered with floral details, a glittery and floral full skirt, and pearl details on the bodice and straps. If you were going for Disney Princess vibes, this is the dress for you. 


Most people also think of the color blue when they think of Pisces. And there's no blue dress more beautiful than Colette's CL2002. This is a mermaid dress with tulle on the skirt, full floral embroidery throughout, a deep v-neckline, and a semi-open back. 



Due to Scorpios' mysterious and magnetic charisma, one of the best dresses they can wear for prom this year is Clarisse 810440, particularly in the navy. It's a stretch-jersey material with a lace-up back, making for easy wear. It also has slight beading throughout, playing into the mysterious vibes of a Scorpio. But the shape is the best part of the dress. It has a slightly deep and effortlessly flattering v-neckline and a high leg slit, making it ideal if you want to dress to impress. 


Further playing into the dark and mysterious vibe, La Femme 28355 is another good choice for Scorpios. It's made of a stretch-lace material, and has semi-transparent cutouts on the sides of the bodice. It also has a low v-neckline, mermaid shape, and open back.



Cancers are nurturing, familial people who are known to be heavily emotional. They're also probably the most well-known water sign. For this reason, Primavera 3959 is a fantastic option for Cancers. It's a fully sequined dress with a starburst-like pattern. It also comes with a scoop neckline, leg slit, and lace-up back. The two color options for this dress both remind me of the ocean, which is perfect for our Cancers. 


Jovani 3263 with its iridescent sequin pattern, light blue color, and mermaid fit also reminds me of Cancers. It has the typical Jovani fit with its open back, thick straps, and low v-neckline, and is very stretchy, making for a comfortable fit. 

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