What Prom Heels Should I Buy?

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With spring right around the corner, prom season will soon be winding down. But that doesn’t mean we’re done preparing for the big night. With more and more people leaving Amari with their dream dress in hand, more and more are remembering what comes next: shoes! After all, you can’t take your dress to the tailor without bringing your shoes with you. 

But picking them out can be quite the daunting task. How tall should they be? What color works best with the dress? Are there closed-toe options? All of these questions and more will be answered in this blog post. 

How do I Decide on the Heel Height? 

The answer is simple: wear what you like. But keep in mind, if you have an outdoor venue, or are taking pictures outside, it’s best to buy a shoe with a thicker heel so you don’t sink into the grass. It may also benefit you to buy a shoe with a platform base for the same reason. Another thing to keep in mind is that the higher the heel height, the higher a leg slit is going to sit on your leg. Your height does slightly determine how the dress fits, which is why you bring your shoes with you when you go to the tailor. 

Ultimately, you want to buy a shoe that is comfortable, good quality, and fits well. Most people will say that they end up taking their shoes off anyway, sometimes before they even make it to the venue, but if you buy shoes that fit well, and properly break them in, then you should be able to keep them on all night long. 

How do I Decide the Color & Style? 

You can buy shoes in any color you want, but usually people choose to buy shoes that compliment, but don’t outshine, their dress. The most popular colors, therefore, tend to be gold, silver, nude, champagne, and black. Out of all those colors, black and champagne are the most difficult to buy. Black is normally reserved specifically for black dresses, or in special cases where you have a monochrome dress, typically jewel-toned. Similarly, champagne heels are best reserved for champagne dresses, or for dresses that pull slightly pinker than gold. Gold shoes, sparkly or matte, are for dresses that either have gold details, or for dresses that pull more warm tones, while silver shoes are for dresses with silver detailing or pull cooler tones. In my opinion, a nude or skin-tone-matching shoe is the easiest way to go. Nude shoes blend seamlessly with your legs, making them appear longer, and won’t take away from the dress. 

There are also several different styles. For easy walking, the best recommendations (besides wearing a short heel) are to choose a thick or even block heel, and a platform shoe. So far, the most popular styles are open-toe heels with a strappy ankle and medium heel. But there are lots of variations of this shoe, as well as some other options if you’re looking for something different, being sold at Amari. 

Closed-Toe Heels

There aren’t many people who opt for a closed-toe shoe due to prom being in the spring, but one classic pair is the Amanda Shoe. It has a thicker block heel, a single strap around the ankle, and is 2.5” tall. The short to medium heel and simple shape make for an adorable and timeless look. It’s available in matte black, champagne, and white. 

If you’re looking for a closed-toe shoe that’s a little more glam, the Kennedy Shoe is for you. It has a pointed toe, unlike the rounded shape of the Amanda Shoe. The Kennedy also has a strappy ankle but has a bedazzled double strap instead of a single strap. The heel is taller, at 3.25” and it comes in champagne or silver, both glittery. 

Heels that Look Great in Nude

The Reign Shoe is one of our new arrivals this season. It has a double strap on the ankle as well as a double strap on the toe. It has a slightly thicker heel that is 3” tall. The Reign Shoe also comes in black. 


The Jackie Shoe is also fabulous in the nude. Similar to the Reign shoe, it has a double strap around the ankle, but only has a single strap on the toe. It’s a block heel, which is great for walking in the grass, and it’s only 2.25” tall. This shoe also comes in silver, champagne, and navy. 

The Micah Shoe is kind of an in-between. It has a 3.25” block heel, and single strap along the toe. It has a double strap, but it extends past the ankle, making the entire shoe strappy and more stable. 

Platform Heels

The Queenie Shoe is one of Benjamin Walk’s best-sellers. This strappy heel comes in black, nude, and glittery silver. It has a thick, 4-inch heel, made easy to walk in by its platform base. The ankle strap is adjustable. 

The Elena Shoe is an Amari store favorite. It also has a 4-inch chunky heel and platform base. It has a double strap on the toe and an adjustable single strap on the ankle. The Elena comes in champagne and silver. 

The Wren is another store favorite. Wren is another 4-inch heel with a platform base. It has an adjustable double strap around the ankle and quadruple strap around the toes. And it comes in silver or nude. 

Striking Short Heels

For those who prefer a shorter heel, the Astra Shoe may be a great choice. It has a 1.75” block heel that makes it easy to walk and comfortable to wear. It also has an adjustable ankle strap and a thick, bedazzled strap across the toes. There is also beading on the back of the shoe. It comes in champagne or silver. 

The Zoey Shoe is another great choice, especially if you’re looking for something less glam and more romantic. The Zoey has a 1.75” block heel with an adjustable ankle strap. It also has a strappy, beaded look around the toe. While the toe is beaded, the rest of the shoe is covered in glitter. 

The Sam Shoe is one of the most popular short heeled shoes at Amari. It has a thick, 2.25” heel and an open/cagey look. There’s a double adjustable strap around the ankle and double strap around the toe. Similar to the Zoey, this shoe is full glitter, and beaded on the straps. 

Popular Beaded Heels

The Marley Shoe is the shoe you should buy if you’re looking for a “prommy” shoe. It has a thick, 2.75” heel with a basic shape. There’s a thick single strap around the ankle and a thick single strap around the toes, both fully beaded. 

If you’re on the hunt for something completely glam, the Lynx Shoe is your shoe. It has a 4-inch block heel and platform base. It has a thin, adjustable strap around the ankle, and a thick strap around the toes. While the base color is full glitter, the entire shoe is covered in full beading. 

The Ava Shoe is a thick, 3.75” heel with a slight platform on the base. It has a thin, adjustable strap around the ankle and a braided strap around the toe. While the whole shoe has a glittery finish, the toe strap comes fully adorned with silver beading. 

Amari Favorites

The Rhyan Shoe is a best-seller in either color. It has a thick, 3.25” heel and a strappy, cage-like look. It has a double ankle strap, double toe strap, and three straps in the middle. It has a zipper on the back for easy wear and comes in full glitter. 

The Mae Shoe is my personal favorite. It’s a delicate and feminine shoe with a thin, 3.25” heel and thin, adjustable ankle strap. It also has strappy detailing on the toe. It comes in champagne glitter or silver glitter. 

Final Words

All of our shoes currently come from Benjamin Walk. While we introduced several styles in this blog post, Amari can also order any shoe, size, or color on Benjamin Walk’s website. When dress shopping, don’t be afraid to ask an employee for the Benjamin Walk catalog, and we can help you pick out the perfect pair to match your dress. We also have lots of shoes in-store already, so come in and try some on!

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