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Have you ever walked into a prom dress store knowing you weren’t going to find something that’s both your style and your size? I’ve been there. I went to prom in 2018 and 2019, and both times dreaded the whole shopping experience. My mother even started to get nervous taking me, because it always led to disappointment and crying in the dressing room. 

This is why Amari Prom wanted to up their curve game this year. We know what it’s like to walk into a prom dress store and to be told “plus-size dresses are on the top floor,” just to walk up there and find that there are only five dresses to choose from…and nothing bigger than a size 18. 

We pride ourselves on keeping stock in every size from a 000-24W. And I’m not talking god-awful styles that weren’t even stylish when they hit stores five years ago. I’m talking about stretch lace, beaded beauties, and a couple of one-shoulder styles. Styles that are popular now, and made to fit. 

Primavera Curve Prom Dresses

Primavera is one of my all-time favorite brands. While I love the modern stretch jersey styles and embroidered ball gowns, my heart will always reside with beading. And when it comes to beading, I find Primavera’s to be the most intricate. This year, in my personal opinion, Primavera came out with the best overall curve collection. They expanded their size range, took gorgeous pictures with actual plus-sized models, and their dresses truly do speak for themselves. 

Primavera 14011 is a prom dress with a beaded butterfly shaped bodice, open back, and glittery skirt

I figured we’d start off strong with Primavera 14011. If you’ve seen the digitally viral butterfly crop tops on social media, then this dress will be instantly recognizable. The butterfly top is all beading, with slight side cutouts and an open strappy back. The skirt features glistening silver stripes and the dress comes in both a powder blue and lilac. 

Primavera prom dress 14003 is an all-over beaded dress with butterfly and tree branch designs. It has a v-neckline, open back, and a-line skirt

Keeping with the butterfly theme, we also have Primavera 14003. It comes in three colors: ivory, lilac, and powder blue. Similarly to the previous dress, it has an open strappy back and the butterflies and branches are all beaded from head to toe. If there were a modern version of Bridgerton, this is the dress I would want to wear. 

Primavera prom dress 14004 is a one-shoulder all-over sequined dress with an a-line skirt sold at Amari Prom

Switching themes, Primavera 14004 may not have butterflies, but it still takes your breath away. In fact, this dress is my mother’s favorite prom dress on our entire site! It comes in 7 colors, all of which are covered in glamorous sequins from head to toe. It’s a zip-back dress, but the one shoulder accent is made with curves in mind. 

Primavera prom dress 14001 is an all-over beaded dress with a zip up back, a-line skirt, and some belt-like detailing at the waist sold at Amari Prom

In an attempt to showcase some of Primavera’s more intricate beading patterns, I present to you 14001. This prom dress comes in four colors: emerald, lilac, mint, and midnight, with a slightly open and zip-up back. While the skirt is a-line, the beading in the bodice is constructed to look almost belt-like, ensuring that your waist is still defined and not lost in the fabric. 

La Femme Curve Prom Dresses 

While I could talk about Primavera’s curve line all day, there are lots more dresses to choose from within Amari’s curve collection, and I want to make sure you see them all! La Femme is one of our most popular brands at Amari Prom; they’re stylish, comfortable, and best of all affordable. They also happen to come in the most sizes and colors compared to almost all of our other brands. They have one of the best curve collections out there, as they’re known for making stretchy, beautiful dresses that fit like a glove, but aren’t hard to walk in. 

La Femme prom dress 29052 is a stretch lace material with a deep v-neck, slightly open back, slight beading, and mermaid shape sold at Amari Prom

La Femme 29052 is a gorgeous stretch lace prom dress with a little bit of beading. It comes with a slightly open and strappy zip-up back. What I love about this dress the most is that it instantly molds to the shape of your body. La Femme’s stretch lace dresses are popular in all sizes because of its comfortability and effortless look. 

La Femme prom dress 29546 is an all-over sequin dress with mermaid shape and zip up back sold at Amari Prom

La Femme 29546 is a glittery sequin mermaid gown with a zip up back. La Femme is known for keeping things comfy so even though you’re covered head to toe in glamorous Hollywood sequins, you won’t be itchy or uncomfortable. 

Faviana Curve Prom Dresses

Faviana is one of the most dependable, statement brands in our whole store. They have an undeniable style and variety, and you can always be sure that if you’re buying Faviana, it’s going to fit just right. There are two specific dresses in their curve collection that I want to highlight because they’re the epitome of Faviana. 

Faviana prom dress 9498 is a satin, a-line dress with a lace, corset-like, lace-up bodice sold at Amari Prom

Faviana 9498 is the first one. This a-line, lace-up back dream of a prom dress comes with a leg slit, satin skirt, and is always a perfect fit. Faviana is known for a few things, and they’re all represented in this dress: the softest satin skirts, this specific lacey tie-up bodice, and even this color! Faviana’s steel blue is an instant best-seller. 

Faviana prom dress 9536 is a tight-fitting dress with a stretch-jersey skirt, low back, and embroidered and beaded bodice with a deep v-neck sold at Amari Prom

Faviana 9536 has all the elements that everyone is raving about: the leg slit, open back, beaded low-front top, and stretch-jersey skirt. Slight mesh detailing on the sides of the bodice ensures a perfect fit with plenty of room to dance. 

Amari’s Promise 

These are just a few examples of the dresses in our curve collection. There are lots more in store that you’ll have to come and see! We know how difficult the dress decision is no matter your size, but the best way for us to help you find one is to give you a leg-up in the process. 

Our employees know the business well and can assist in fitting you for a special order, making sure the dresses we have in store are laced up properly, (as that can change the whole fit of a dress) and we can even recommend styles we think you’ll love based on dresses you’re trying on. 

Our promise to you is that we will do whatever we can to ensure that you walk out with your perfect fit…and maybe some accessories to match. 

Written By Marisa Fertitta

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