That New New: Introducing Colette and Ellie Wilde

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Amari Prom is BACK! And what better way to celebrate the beginning of a new prom season than by sharing what’s new! This season, we’re starting off strong by stocking up on dresses from two new brands that we’ve never sold before: Colette and Ellie Wilde. Between these two brands alone, we’re up to our necks in fun and flirty ball gowns, traditional mermaid silhouettes, trending styles for prom 2023 (and styles that you’ve never seen before), 

And so. Much. Sparkle. 

We took a look at each designer’s website to find what inspires them, what motivates them, and how it all came together when it came time to design this year’s prom dress lines. We know you’ll be just as excited to see what prom 2023 will bring as we are. 

Introduction to Colette Prom

Daphne Hardin, the brilliant designer behind the Colette brand, revealed to us on her website that she owes much of her inspiration to Paris. Whether it’s movies, vacations, or simply because it’s her favorite city, she’s got Paris on the brain. She even mentioned that she chose the name Colette because it’s one of her favorite French names! See a pattern here? 

What You Can Expect to See at Amari

You can feel the dreamy feminine energy exuding from every dress in the Colette brand, so if that’s the vibe you’re going for, we’ve got you covered. Colette does three things exceptionally well: corset tops, ball gowns, and the ever-popular mermaid dress. And whether you’re looking for glitter, lace, or embroidery, they each make for a pretty Parisian moment. 

Colette Prom Dresses In Store Now!

Colette Prom's CL12207 is a sage green a-line prom dress with gold embroidery, a lace up back, and tulle skirt sold at Amari Prom

CL12207 is a current staff favorite; lace up back, corset top, swaying tulle skirt, floral embroidery and a leg slit?! You can’t go wrong. In fact, we love it so much that we have it showcased on a mannequin in our front window. 

CL2019 is a Colette prom dress with an open back, glitter paisley print, and mermaid silhouette sold at Amari Prom

Daphne wasn’t kidding when she said that Paris played a huge role in her design process. Nothing says Paris quite like this open back, mermaid style, glittery Pretty in Pink number. And luckily for us, CL2019 also comes in a powder blue, lavender, and sage green, so even if pink isn’t your thing, you can still achieve your Parisian dream. 

CL12202 is a lace-up, corset top ball gown with floral embroidery on the tulle skirt sold at Amari Prom

I simply wouldn’t feel right not telling you about CL12202. With ball gowns coming back into style this season, what better way to join in on the trend while still being unique than by wearing a lace up, embroidered ball gown with a corset top? This dress also comes in multiple colors, all light, fresh, and as charming as Paris. 

Colette prom dress CL2021 is a mermaid style dress with glitter floral detailing, a jeweled belt, open back, and long train sold at Amari Prom

The fact of the matter is, Colette does glittery, flirty, and breathtaking the best. When CL2021 shipped to the store, it was an honor to have the opportunity to steam it myself. It comes with a beautiful open back, a magnificent train, and a spectacular sparking belt that compliments the glittery paisley on the rest of the dress. 

Introduction to Ellie Wilde Prom

Evelyn Jia is Ellie Wilde’s standout designer. And she lives up to the name; some of these designs are wild! Before seeing the brand, I had never seen a prom dress with a bow that didn’t look tacky. But Evelyn has completely changed my way of thinking, and I’m sure she’ll do the same for you. 

What You Can Expect to See at Amari

Ellie Wilde has quite the range of styles. You may see more traditional silhouettes like EW122041 and EW34002, or you may see things you’ve never even seen before, like EW34010. But the thing about Ellie Wilde is that even the more well-known styles have a special twist. When you buy Ellie Wilde, you are already standing out. 

Amari’s Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses In Store Now!

Ellie Wilde prom dress EW34018 has a leg slit, side cutouts, a statement bow on the bodice, and beading from head to toe sold at Amari Prom

What did I tell you about the bows?! Evelyn knew what she was doing when she designed this. Prom dress EW34018 comes with a stretch jersey fabric, glittery beading, a low back, an impressive leg slit, and cutouts in the bodice. 

Ellie Wilde prom dress EW34001 is a short, high-neck, open back dress with a long billowy shawl and jeweled caged skirt detail sold at Amari Prom Back image of Ellie Wilde prom dress EW34001 with the open strappy back and long shawl at Amari Prom

And the unique designs don’t stop coming. Prom dress EW34001 has several pieces; the dress, the incredible billowy shawl, and the skirt jewels. It features a high, beaded neckline and a gorgeous open and strappy back. While this dress may seem to go against everything we know for prom, ie. the high neck, short hem, and shawl, it is safe to say that you would certainly be making a statement. 

Ellie Wilde prom dress EW34002 is an open back, mermaid style dress with transparent side details and beading from top to bottom at Amari Prom

But Ellie Wilde also knows how to put gorgeous spins on styles we’re already familiar with, too. Take a look at best-seller EW34002: stretch jersey fabric, incredible train, open back, and beading, but nothing like we’ve seen before. The cascading nature of the beading makes for a flattering shape on every body, and the side cutouts only further enhance the flattery. It’s pretty and striking all at once… and it comes in so many colors! 

Ellie Wilde prom dress EW34006 is a stretch jersey material with a lace up back, glittery belt, and butterfly embroidery where the leg slit opens at Amari Prom

And I simply could not hold back my excitement when I discovered that she dressed up the typical stretch jersey lace-up back ensemble with butterfly embroidery on EW34006. With butterflies trending on all items of clothing thanks to social media, it will be all over the prom scene this season; but no one does it quite like Ellie Wilde. 

Ellie Wilde prom dress EW34005 is a stretch jersey mermaid dress with a strappy open back, full beading, and butterfly embroidery on the back at Amari Prom Back view of Ellie Wilde prom dress EW34005 with a zoomed in image of the strappy open back and butterfly embroidery

But if that one doesn’t suit your fancy, EW34005 will. The leg slit, glittery beading, strappy open back, and train are simply accessories to the embroidered butterfly on the back. And with 90’s and Y2K fashion coming back into style, this dress is the perfect choice for any nostalgic heart.

Colette and Ellie Wilde represent two completely different looks, but it just goes to show that Amari has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for something more feminine and traditional like Colette, bold and hypnotizing like Ellie Wilde, or don’t have a clue what you’re looking for and want to come in and try them all, Amari Prom is excited to help you find your perfect fit. 

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