Prom Dresses in Every Color of the Rainbow

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When it comes to buying a prom dress, the first question shoppers usually ask themselves is “what color do I want to wear?” 

And it’s a tough question to answer. It depends on so many factors: what do you feel comfortable wearing? Do you want to escape your comfort zone? What are your classmates wearing? And that’s just the beginning. While we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you an outline of the most popular colors and styles for prom 2023, we thought it would be even more helpful to take it back to the basics and go color by color. Amari Prom is offering a rainbow of possibilities for prom this year. 

Red Dresses at Amari Prom


Faviana S10633 is one of the store’s favorite dresses this season. It’s very true to its picture, being a bright candy apple red. Its beading and embroidery is monotone in this color, unlike having white beads in other colors. It features a flattering v-neckline, open back, and straight fit in the skirt. The light tulle layer makes for a whimsical and feminine skirt. 



Quite the contrast to S10633, Primavera 14004 is full glam. It’s a zip-back dress with a one-shoulder strap and fully sequined. It also has a straight fit in the hips. Having tried this dress on myself in a size 16, I can attest to the fact that it stretches slightly to flatter your shape in all the right ways, and simply looks incredible on. 


If you’re really going for something different, Eillie Wilde’s EW34002 is the way to go. It’s a true ruby color with iridescent hot stones throughout. It has mesh detailing on the sides, a fully open back, and a mermaid silhouette. The neckline is a deep v shape with mesh detailing. While this is a beautiful dress in any color, the red is truly a show-stopper. 

Orange Dresses at Amari Prom


*Appears more orange in person

La Femme 31424 is a beautiful coral prom dress with a lace-up back and straight fit through the hips. It also features a deep v-neckline with silver beaded bars. It’s a beautiful fit, but keep in mind that this isn’t your typical La Femme stretch jersey and it might be beneficial to size up for a better fit. 


La Femme 31365 on the other hand is a typical La Femme shape with high stretch. This dress has a v-neckline, a lace-up back, and a straight fit in the skirt as well, but it also features full gold hot stones and delicate lace detailing on the sides and back of the dress. 

Portia and Scarlett PS23408 is a dress of its own kind. It starts off with a burnt orange velvet base topped with large burnt orange sequins in order to keep the sequins from being too itchy. It also provides mesh detailing on the sides of the bodice for the same reason. To top it off, this dress also comes with a leg slit, one-shoulder neckline, and glamorous mermaid shape.

Yellow Prom Dresses at Amari Prom


We’ve talked about CL2007 before as it’s one of the dresses of the year at Amari. The delicate corset top, feminine embroidery, and fairy-tale lace-up back make this dress a dream come true. We’ve received several comments saying that CL2007 in the buttercream reminds customers of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. And we couldn’t agree more. 


La Femme 28556 is another pretty option if you’re looking for yellow. It’s made of a floral stretch-lace material, which is a customer favorite from La Femme, and also has a straight fit in the skirt with a leg slit. It features a deep v-neckline with mesh detailing and a very open clip-back. They focused on the details with this dress and ensured a pretty lace trim on the front neckline as well as on the skirt near the zipper. 


La Femme 28301 is the perfect option if you’re looking for a sultry off-the-shoulder look. It’s made of the same floral stretch-jersey as La Femme 28556, making for a comfortable fit despite the off-the-shoulder neckline. It has a zip-back to ensure the fit of the neckline, and also a leg slit to help with movement. The back of the bodice is a transparent lace, reminiscent of a corset top. 

Green Prom Dresses at Amari Prom


La Femme 31078 is one of the most flattering dresses I’ve ever seen on a body. Made of a jersey material, it provides a comfortable fit while also including every detail that’s popular for prom 2023: a lace up back, leg slit, and straight-across neckline. The material gathers on the left hip and sweeps across the body, creating a sultry and almost Grecian look that hangs effortlessly off the hips. 


If you want a dark green dress with a straight neckline but you like something a little more over-the-top, Ellie Wilde’s EW34045 is the ideal dress. It has a strappy back and mermaid silhouette due to its princess seams on the bottom. It provides a slightly floral pattern and is covered in glitter, bridging the gap between flattering and glam. 


You’ve probably seen something similar to this dress from Jovani for the past few prom seasons, but this one is slightly different. Jovani 24097 has a sequined geometric pattern with a low v-neck and symmetrical open back It also provides mesh details on the side of the bodice to keep the sequins from scratching your arms. What sets this dress apart from its other sister styles is that while it has a train, it’s not excessively long like the others, making it easier to walk in and less expensive to have tailored. 

Blue Dresses at Amari Prom


Colors prom dress K125 is one of the most unique dresses we have at Amari Prom. It’s one of our only dresses with a halter top, for starters. It has the familiar shape of the v-neck and straight skirt, leg slit included. It’s fully beaded in a flattering diagonal pattern that comes out from the hip and cascades down the rest of the skirt. The other draw to this dress is that the lining stops short above the knee, creating a glamorous transparent skirt. If you’re looking for something “Hollywood,” we’ve got it. 


In contrast to the Colors dress, Jovani dress JVN06660 is a feminine dress with an open strappy back, straight fit through the hips, and a subtle v-neckline. It also features a pretty train that provides quite the whimsical look with the light-weight tulle layer and contrasting white floral embroidery. 


Colette CL2002 is a great example of our powder blue dresses. This one has all-over floral embroidery, thick supportive straps, and an open back. It also features a deep v-neckline with mesh detailing. A tulle layer also cascades out from the knee to create a beautiful mermaid silhouette. 

Purple Prom Dresses at Amari Prom


Faviana S10830 is a dazzling dark lavender color covered head to toe in hot stones. It also features a lace-up back, a straight fit through the hips, and rounded v-neckline. Due to the nature and direction of the beading, the bodice makes for a very flattering fit, and the stretch jersey makes for a comfortable wear. 


La Femme 30320 is one of my favorite shapes for a prom dress. It’s made from a floral stretch lace, which La Femme does best. It starts off with a transparent corset top, extending down into a beautiful mermaid silhouette. It also has an incredible open back and slight beading on the bodice. 


Clarisse 810447 comes in both a deep berry purple as well as a light lavender purple. It’s another comfortable stretch-lace dress with a deep v-neck and lace-up back. It also features straps that you can wear either off the shoulder or on. It has a straight fit in the skirt and a beautiful train, offset by a leg slit. 

Pink Prom Dresses at Amari Prom

La Femme 31539 is one of my favorite La Femme dresses this season. It’s incredibly flattering on everyone who tries it on. It’s a straight fit through the hips with a rounded v-neck and lace-up back. The cutout in the bodice makes the dress appear as though it has a bow on the front. That detail paired with ruching on the hip seams and buttery stretch jersey material makes for the most comfortable and flattering fit. 


La Femme 31304 is made of a comfortable stretch lace material with a v-neckline and lace up back. It also features a semi-sheer corset top detail with slight beading. The skirt is fairly straight in the hips but does flare out in a mermaid-esq shape towards the hemline. It also features a daring high slit. 


In contrast to the La Femmes, Jovani 06475 is a very delicate mermaid shaped dress. It’s less of a striking neon pink and closer to a coral-like light pink, ensuring that you get a light pink dress without washing you out. This dress has full floral embroidery, lace princess seams, and pearl beading on the bodice as well as on the straps, making for a delicate look. The bodice is a semi-sheer corset top with boning, and to top it all off, this dress also has a gorgeous open back.

Gold Prom Dresses at Amari Prom

Portia and Scarlett has captivating dresses, especially in gold. PS23407 is a strapless corset-top dress with a zip-back and a leg slit. Similar to its sister dresses, it’s a gold velvet base topped with large gold sequins, making for a very glamorous and sparkly look in the spring sun. The skirt is a very straight fit, but similar to most other Portia and Scarlett dresses, it does come with a long train. 


La Femme 31027 is another sequined option. The sequins on this dress are smaller, but they still glitter like the gold color they are. It has a straight neckline and fairly open back that also comes with adjustable straps. It’s a stretchy style with slight ruching on the hip seams which make for a flattering and comfortable fit. 


Faviana E10889 is covered head to toe in gold rhinestones forming triangular geometric patterns throughout. It has a deep v-neck and similarly deep open back. It also has mesh detailing on the sides, which, complemented by the stretchiness of the dress, provide a comfortable fit. 

Black Prom Dresses at Amari Prom


Clarisse 810451 is a perfect dress for people who want something classy but not plain. This dress has a deep v-neck with mesh detailing on the front of the bodice as well as a leg slit and open back. The dress has a straight fit as well as a corset top with mesh accents and is also adorned with slight beading for a little something extra. 


Another beautiful black Clarisse prom dress is 810525. This is a satin dress with a corset top and rounded v-neckline. The skirt is a straight fit with flattering ruching in the stomach/hip area and a daring leg slit. The real draw of this dress is the beaded straps that you can wear up or off the shoulder. 


If beading is your goal, Primavera 3913 is a stunning choice. It has a straight fit through the hips as well as a leg slit and v-neckline. It’s a fully beaded dress with a slightly paisley pattern and comes with an incredible open back and a slight train. 

White Prom Dresses at Amari Prom


I’ve talked about Primavera 3958 before, but it gives off a whole different vibe in the white. It has a flattering v-neckline, straight fit through the hips, and a dainty lace-up back. But the beading is what Primavera does best. While it appears to be more of a starburst pattern, the white version is more monochrome than the others, making it appear more elegant as opposed to youthful. 

Portia and Scarlett PS21207 is a fully sequined dress with a velvet base. It’s a gorgeous mermaid shape with an incredible train. It has slightly pointed cups with a v-neckline and a zip-back closure. The white color comes with iridescent sequins, making for a delicate and springy look. 


Jovani 06017 is a mermaid-shaped one shoulder dress with full sequins. The geometric nature of the sequins allows for some mesh detailing to poke through. There are also mesh panels on the sides of the bodice to keep the sequins from scratching. It also comes with an incredible train. Of all of the dresses we’ve sold in this style, the white has been the most popular!


Written by Marisa Fertitta

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