Popular Styles and Colors of 2022

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With prom shopping season now in full swing, everyone wants to know, what is everyone else buying? Well the data is in; let’s talk prom color and style trends for 2022. 

The top three colors for prom 2022 are as follows: any shade of blue, hunter green, and neon pink. Navy and red wine are honorable mentions, as they are every year. Many people like to stay on trend; no one can call dibs on a color, and there are so many different fabrics, styles, and silhouettes that two dresses in the same color are still completely different dresses. 

But what should you do if you like these colors, but prefer to stand out? 

Here are some quick fixes: if you had your heart set on wearing a blue dress to prom, but want something a little different, a periwinkle shade may be the color for you. All shades of blue are trending, but cobalt blue is leading the pack; so something with a bit of purple in it like periwinkle is sure to set you apart. 

But if you were opting for hunter or emerald green, a pastel mint color or a teal is the way to go. Take a look at this stunner from Portia and Scarlett, for example: all the glitter without looking like everybody else. The way the sequins catch the light makes the dress appear as a bright and beautiful teal color as opposed to the ever-popular hunter green. 


And lastly, to my neon pink people; you’re in luck. So many dresses come in neon pink that it’s highly doubtful you’ll be looking like anybody else; but for those of you still worried, the quick fixes are easy. Baby pinks like the color of this dreamy Faviana and raspberry colors like this Primavera are rarer shades of prom’s most popular color. 


But what about styles, you ask? We have that data, too. 2022’s most popular styles are as follows: A-line silhouettes, trumpet skirts, leg slits, lace-up backs, and open backs. And we’re selling all of these colors and styles and more at Amari Prom in Littleton Massachusetts!

A-line silhouettes are dresses that have skirts that aren’t puffy like a ballgown but also aren’t skintight; they’re somewhere in between. They cascade straight down from your hips as opposed to hugging your hips or flowing outward from your hip. Here are some popular a-line dresses at Amari: Primavera #3425, Faviana s10232, and Alyce Paris #60798

Trumpet skirts have also been growing in popularity. A trumpet skirt is similar to a mermaid-style skirt, except instead of flaring out from your knees, a trumpet skirt flares out from your thighs. Here are some popular trumpet skirt styles at Amari: Jessica Angel #859, Tania Olsen Piper PO 858, and Jovani JVN #62564

Leg slits are a classic look that will probably be seen at proms for years and years and can come in any style of dress. Some popular dresses with leg slits at Amari are: La Femme #28556, Faviana s1000, and Primavera #3441.

With the rise of popularity in shows like Bridgerton, the corset-style lace up backs are certainly making a comeback, even if the dresses themselves aren’t so historical. Great for support, a tight fit, and a beautiful added back detail, popular lace-up back dresses at Amari are: Primavera #3235, Tania Olsen Milton PO917, and Faviana #s10507

Last but not least, an open back dress is perhaps this prom season’s most requested dress feature. Featured open back designs at Amari are: Portia and Scarlett ps21287, Primavera #3433, and Jovani #59762

Written by Marisa Fertitta 

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