La Femme Prom Dresses Worth Bragging About

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Amari Prom lives by one saying: live, laugh, La Femme.
But in all seriousness, La Femme prom dresses are a staple. They’re on-trend, comfortable, affordable, and always beautifully made. Out of all our brands here at Amari, we sell the most La Femmes. We truly could not live without them. In fact, it’s the owner’s favorite brand!
We never get tired of seeing La Femme dresses. They do stretch-jersey best, but there are endless styles and colors to choose from, meaning that we never get bored! Year after year, they manage to hit the runway with designs more beautiful than the year before. Whether you’re into lace, beading, a classic minimalist look, or something in-between, La Femme has something for you.
About La Femme
La Femme specializes in making exquisite dresses for high-end events. They’re one of the most well-known prom dress brands, right up there with brands like Jovani. They’ve been featured in popular magazines such as Seventeen and Teen Prom. And they’ve also been seen on celebrities like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. So if the name sounds familiar, that’s because it is.
The reason why Amari sells so many La Femmes is because they’re incredibly comfortable, and when it comes to the trends, they’re right on the money every single time. They sell popular styles like lace-up dresses, open back dresses, and corset-top dresses, all with or without a leg slit - the choice is yours. They feature countless necklines and colors and also have a beautiful plus-size collection. They provide such a variety of designs that we could outfit an entire school from La Femme dresses alone.
They’re also notoriously easy to work with. Shipments are quick to come in, and the dresses steam even quicker. Additionally, tailoring is a dream when it comes to a La Femme prom dress. Most of the styles are lace-up dresses, meaning you don’t have to tailor any straps. All that leaves is a hem; and because most styles are made of stretch-jersey or stretch-lace, they hem quickly and beautifully.
La Femme Dresses at Amari Prom
Because Amari has so many La Femme dresses to choose from, this post is going to be dedicated to the new styles we received this season. We’ll see some lace, some beading, some sequins, and of course, some stretch-jersey. La Femme has a way of taking trends up a notch; I’ll show you what I mean.
La Femme Lace
La Femme 31316 is a mermaid prom dress with a lace-up back, corset top, and lace embroidery sold at Amari Prom
La Femme 31316 is another lace style that is similar to 30320, a popular style from last year’s prom. Like the other, 31316 has a v-neckline, transparent bodice, and mermaid silhouette, but 31316 has a lace-up back as opposed to a zip-up back. And while they’re both mermaid styles, 31316 comes with a horsehair trim for some added glam, and the skirt is not quite as large.
La Femme prom dress 29619 is a lacea-line dress with a deep v-neckline, leg slit, and clip back sold at Amari Prom
La Femme 29977 is a lace dress with a deep v-neckline, semi-sheer bodice, and elegant clip-back. It also features slight beading. While the skirt is an a-line style that we’ve seen from La Femme before, it features a classy horsehair trim. That combined with the delicate bodice makes for a sweet but classic look.
La Femme prom dress 31259 is a lace a-line dress with a straight neckline, leg slit, and open back with adjustable straps sold at Amari Prom
La Femme 31259 is going to be a staple dress at Amari this year. It’s made in a gorgeous stretch-lace in some of our most popular colors: sage green, emerald green, and dark berry. It has a straight-across neckline, open back, and leg slit. And since it features adjustable straps and no crazy train, it makes for a stress-free trip to the tailor!
La Femme Corset Tops
La Femme prom dress 29619 is a mermaid dress with embroidery, a leg slit, v-neckline, corset top, open back, and slight trim sold at Amari Prom
We’re going to start off strong with La Femme 30767. This dress features lace and slight beading from head to toe. It comes with a whimsical fairy-like skirt, a flattering v-neckline, and the ever-popular open back. It also has a transparent, almost corset-like bodice. It even features another trend growing very popular for prom 2023: embroidery on the leg slit.
La Femme prom dress 31180 is a strapless, a-line dress with full beading, a lace corset top, and stretch-jersey skirt sold at Amari Prom
La Femme 31180 is a breathtaking strapless corset-top dress, straight out of a fairytale. It features a floral lace bodice with slight boning and a lace-up back. And top it all off, it has a comfortable stretch-jersey skirt with tasteful beading.
La Femme prom dress 31567 is an a-line dress with a lace-up back and front, floral lace corset top, and high leg slit sold at Amari Prom
La Femme 31567 is another new corset-top dress, but different from the typical corset tops at La Femme. It features a floral lace bodice with a deep v-neckline and lace-up closure on both the front and the back. This dress also has a high leg slit that swoops down from the left hip.
La Femme Sequin Dresses
La Femme went all-out with the sequin dresses this year. They dressed up familiar silhouettes from last season with sequins, designed dresses with specific sequin patterns, and also have a featured line of sequined dresses with cut-outs.
The great thing about La Femme’s sequin dresses is that they’re light-weight and made from a soft, cotton material, making them easy to walk in and never itchy. Let’s take a look at the glam they cooked up this year.
La Femme Plain Sequin Dresses
La Femme prom dress 31291 is a fully sequined mermaid dress with a v-neckline, lace-up back, and horsehair trim sold at Amari Prom
First up is La Femme 31291. This dress has a carved v-neckline and figure-hugging mermaid shape. It also features a lace-up back, which further encourages the figure-hugging tendencies. Along with the horsehair trim along the hemline, this dress makes for a very glamorous Old Hollywood feel no matter what color you wear it in.
La Femme prom dress 31518 is an a-line fully sequined dress with a lace-up back and straight neckline sold at Amari Prom
La Femme 31518 features a straight-across neckline and a-line hem that seems to hang off the hips just right. It also has a very open lace-up back, making this dress a modern take on a dependable classic.
La Femme prom dress 31031 is a fully sequined a-line dress with a v-neckline, and open back with adjustable straps sold at Amari Prom
La Femme 31031 is another Hollywood-esq sequin prom dress style. It has a beautiful v-neckline with criss-cross details in the bodice. Similarly, the adjustable straps in the back also create a x, leaving the back of the dress open. The cherry on top is the slight train cascading down the center back of the skirt.
La Femme Patterned Sequin Dresses
La Femme prom dress 31547 is an a-line dress with v-neckline, lace-up back, and intricate sequin pattern sold at Amari Prom
La Femme 31547 is a stunning patterned dress with a v-neckline and a lace-up, open back. It features a mix of both paisley and scale-like sequin patterns. The openness of the back, sequin details, and mint color make this dress gorgeously mermaid-like.
La Femme prom dress 31390 is an a-line dress with full geometric sequins and a lace-up back sold at Amari Prom
La Femme 31390 has the same shape as the previous dress but with a different pattern. This dress has more geometric beading and appears almost zebra-like, but without being as tacky.
La Femme prom dress 31521 is an a-line dress with a straight neckline, full paisley sequins, and a lace-up back sold at Amari Prom
La Femme 31521 has a similar back and skirt to the other two. The differences are in the straight-across neckline and the paisley sequin pattern. While La Femme 31547 also has some paisley accents, 31521 is much more Parisian-inspired.
La Femme Cutout Sequin Dresses
La Femme prom dress 31549 is a fully sequined dress with a leg slit, a-line skirt, lace-up back, and intricate cutouts in the bodice, sold at Amari Prom
La Femme has done a wonderful job of playing with different silhouettes this year. For example, La Femme 31549 took the popular lace-up back and added a lace-up front to the bodice as well. It’s form fitting in the bodice and hangs effortlessly off the hips. Having a lace-up detail in both the front and the back will make for what feels like a personalized fit. It also features a leg slit.
La Femme prom dress 31356 is a fully sequined a-line dress with a leg slit, lace-up back, v-neckline, and triangular cutout in the sternum, sold at Amari Prom
La Femme 31356 also includes an intricate bodice design. It has a v-neckline that transforms into a lace-up back, as well as a triangular cut-out in the sternum. This in combination with La Femme’s elegant leg slit that cascades out from the left hip creates a daring look that we’ve never seen before.
Final Words
La Femme has proven time and time again that they’re innovators first, and trustworthy second. If you’re looking for a dress that is comfortable, on-trend, and effortlessly chic, La Femme has something for you.
Keep in mind that this blog is only covering the new styles that we received this season, but there’s plenty more La Femmes to browse online and try on in-store.
Written by Marisa Fertitta

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